Texture magic ( works will all fabric to add Textured patterns )


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What a great tool this is , trace your design onto the texture magic, pin or use spray adhesive to hold it down onto the wrong side of the fabric and stitch on every line you drew , then hold an iron above it , don't put the hot iron on it , just above it and start steaming it , it shrinks 30% in all directions .

 You control the shrinkage too , so if you shrink it 20% and you like it and don't want it to shrink anymore then just stop steaming it .  You can wash it in the washer and dryer and nothing will happen to it .  It add dimension and texture , I used it on some black Pleather I bought at JoAnn Fabrics and it gave it such a rich texture , will make an awesome purse . 

 The photo of the Honeysuckle rose jacket the roses are done with Texture magic this was the first time anyone tried to do an individual textured design and it worked so great ! so you can do all over or individualize the design.