Soft Delight ( Blouse ) pattern


Rectangle of fabric with a wide neck template.   Learn a secret way to control uncontrollable fabrics.

A Delight to sew!    A Delight to wear!

Watch a video on how to set up a rolled hem 

Open neck instructions 

I used Dime’s – “Simple to Chic T-shirt Remakes” (style Zoe).  Here are the steps I did.

#1  Embroidered on a plain contrasting fabric so it would stand out.

#2  Used the stitched outline of the embroidery (outside edge) to know where to turn the edge under (pressed).

#3  Applied the facing RIGHT side against the WRONG side of center front blouse neckline.

#4  Stitched on the location for the front slit (embroidery line is stitched in with embroidery).  Pressed.

#5  Turned facing to the front.  Pressed.

#6  Stitched the edge of the facing to the blouse front.

#7  Finished the neck with a 1  1/2″ wide bias  strip and turned front edge down.

#8  Made a cord thread on the serger by stitching out a 3 thread rolled hem on air and with a needle pulled serged cord through the neck point and tied beads at the bottom.