Placemat Pattern- Scrappy Reversible placemat- 13"x 20"


Scrappy Reversible Placemat
finished mat   13" x 20 "
(Basically, the directions are for one reversible (two-sided) placemat but you can easily make 
placemats with only one appliqued side)

A variety of black and white prints (total fabric is about 2 fat quarter’s worth for each side)

Scraps of yellow, blue, red, and green
(You can sew pieces together, to make them large enough to cut into the leaf shapes)

Lightweight backing fabric for applique's:  ½ yard

Binding: (1/4 yard)  of course, you need to double this for two placemats

Backing: either use the second design to make it reversible, or, use one piece approximately
15" x 22" or scraps sewn together to equal that size for each placemat

Bonding Material:  Steam-A-Seam II  or Wonder Under  2 yards

Batting: 15" x 22"

Great to have, but optional:  Tearaway stabilizer, “sticky fingered gloves,” Teflon sheet for 
the machine