Medical Masks( Help support First Responders ) ( cdc compliant ) monogrammed with name , initials or company name

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Buy masks to support First Responders and Hospitals   ( The mask colors and printed fabrics are at our discretion, however, you can always put in a message if you see a fabric or two that you like and we will do our best to accommodate you ) 

   Our medical masks are CDC compliant, 3 layers that includes a filter fabric in the middle, elastic for over the ears and beautiful prints. They are washable, reversible, wire nose piece. They come in three sizes, Adult, Medium, and a small child.   Every mask you purchase helps fund for supplies for masks for First Responders.  They can be customized with your name, or initials, if you are a company and you are purchasing masks for your employees then the company name can be put on them.   They are washable with warm water and laundry detergent when washing is needed, if you just need to sterilize them then a hot steam iron or steamer will sterilize the mask. Always remove the mask from the elastic, so not to touch the fabric if you have been outside.