Medallion- Scroll & Fan :III


Graceful scrolls bursting into fans.

Reverse appliqué pattern – Hand & Machine directions

(36" x 36")

Reminiscent of the lines of scrolls and fans, this pattern is part of our medallion pattern series.   

From a time when people embraced the idea of beautiful functionality, these quilts could make a beautiful wall-hanging. It would also work stunningly as the center piece medallion of a bed-size quilt.

These reverse appliqué projects are inspired by the scrollwork, gratings and architecture of the late 1800s.  

This medallion forms the center medallion of the Fit for a Queen queen-size quilt. When making the quilt, follow the directions in the Quilt Expansion III pattern-Scroll & Fan finishes at 40.5" x 40.5". Add the Quilt Expansion pack if you already have the medallion, or get the Quilt to get the medallion plus all the lovely borders and sashing instructions.

Finished dimensions: 36 in x 36 in as Wall hanging*

*If making Scroll & Fan as the Centre Medallion in the Fit for a Queen Quilt III, please follow the instructions in your quilt pattern. The medallion finished size is: 40.5" x 40.5".

Materials required:

  • Background Fabric: 1 ¼ yard (or a piece 42 in square) or 1 ¾ yards if using to bind the quilt
  • Top Fabric: 1 ¼ yard (or a piece 42 in square) or 1 ¾ yards if using to bind the quilt
  • Backing Fabric: 1 ½ yard square
  • For Machine: 1 ¼ yard paper backed fusible material, such as Soft Fuse

Please note:

For the hand version of this quilt, it is very important to use a light background material which will assist you in tracing the medallion pattern onto the fabric.

Instructions are also included in this pattern for assembling it by machine; for this version of the pattern, you can use dark or light materials for your background.