Medallion- Illumination:X


Illuminate your path

Reverse appliqué pattern – Hand & Machine directions

(36" x 36" or 56" x 56")

Fill your home with vibrant life and light with Illumination.

Two great options with this medallion with it's bursting design.  Make it as a 36" medallion or add the 10" borders to grow the medallion into a 56" lap quilt.  Pattern has directions for hand and machine creation for each size.

Making by machine- if you carefully cut the shapes out of the center medallion, you just use these to make the appliqued borders.  You won't need any more fabric or borders.

Island Batik materials used:

  • The 36" x 36"  hand example of Illumination uses the Wind & Sea collection- 111609283(top fabric), 111612265(background) and 111608286(binding)
  • The 56" x 56" machine Illumination with optional borders, uses their Spring Zing collection- 111614336 (top fabric), 111610335(binding) and from Blenders-BE24-A1(background)

finished dimensions: 36 in x 36 in or 56" x 56"

materials required for 36" x 36":

  • background fabric:1 1/4 yards of light fabric*
  • top fabric: 1 1/4 yds of medium or dark fabric*
  • backing fabric: 1 1/4 yds   
  • batting: 1 1/4 yds 
  • binding: 1/3 yard
  • for machine applique only: 36 in x 36 in piece of paper-backed iron-on fusible webbing

materials required for 56" x 56":

  • background fabric:2 3/4 yards of fabric*
  • top fabric: 1 1/3 yds of fabric**
  • backing fabric: 4 yds   
  • batting: 64" x 64" 
  • binding: 1/2 yard
  • for machine applique only: 36 in x 40 in piece of paper-backed iron-on fusible webbing, as per pattern directions

*when making by machine, you can use a dark material for your background fabric and/or a light material for your top.

**when making 56" version by hand, you will need 1 1/2 yards of top fabric to applique the borders.