Hand Needle Felting techniques COMING SOON


Needle felting still one of the easiest and most beautiful techniques there is to embellishing ! 

Barbara is one of the leading experts in the U.S. on needle felting ,  Barbara introduced the first 2 books written in the United State on needle felting wearables and countless classes . 

Now you too can learn these techniques , flat surface design, dimensional , making it permanent and machine washable , the do's and don'ts , what can be needle felted and what fabrics you can needle felt onto . Working with styrofoam , attaching , adding in other fibers .

How many of you bought embellishing machines and they are still in the box , hmmm?   Well we  have added a machine in this seminar to break the ice for you so-to-speak , so you become comfortable and engaged with the idea the way you did when you bought it .

Please make sure you put in a working email when you purchase the seminar