"Gildan" brand long sleeved t-shirts 2x-3x-4x-5x (cardinal red shown)


Our Stitch and Rip jackets are the most fun part of sewing !  This is a way to get really creative , not so much on the table , but , under the sewing machine . Its easy to draw out the pattern onto the doubled shirts but when sewing , it's even easier to get creative and put in more patterns right then and there .  This jacket creates alot of stimulation on the creative side of you brain , it's really a fun project ! 

  Two long sleeved t- shirts become a medium weight , longer jacket , that is heavy enough to accommodate a metal tooth zipper .  We have alot new designs coming out ! 

We carry the authentic Pigment dyed t- shirts and Gildans , these two brands compliment each other , and fit together neck to neck , shoulder to shoulder and underarm to underarm. So you can use one of each to do the jackets , 2 pigments , or 2 gildans .   

Finally these are such nice and comfortable shirts and the sleeve lengths are perfect , so buy some for yourself or someone else !