Fuschsia : 8 of 9 pillow/blocks - 16 x16


Luscious and lovely. An intoxicating beauty.

applique and reverse applique pattern - hand and machine directions

(16" x 16")

As the Fuchsia blossoms spill over in a profusion of blooms, may you have overflowing abundance. 

The eighth block in the Victorian Flower Garden Quilt series (9 blocks in total) - Collect all 9 - 16" x 16" blocks and make a quilt. Add the Victorian Flower Garden Quilt IV Expansion pattern - with an applique wrought iron gate to sash and border your lovely garden of flowers to make the Victorian Flower Garden Quilt IV.

Bring a touch of Spring & Summer inside. 

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Fuchsia is a smaller-scale applique project - perfect for beginning quilters and appliquers.

Create this block and turn it into a pillow or make it as a block to fit into a quilt.      

Pattern includes all three directions for creation.

  • Reverse applique by hand
  • Reverse applique by machine
  • Mix the two for extra 3D effect: reverse applique the stems and leaves, then applique the flowers to make them really pop
  • finished dimensions: 16 in x 16 in

    materials required:

    • background fabric: ½ yard (18 in x 18 in)
    • top fabric: ½ yard (18 in x 18 in)
    • 3-colour applique and reverse applique version: add fat quarter or scraps for blossoms
    • batting: ½ yard (18 in x 18 in)   [for blocks, this is not needed until you stitch the whole thing together]
    • for machine reverse applique: you will also need ½ yd (18 in x 18 in) of fusible webbing
    • for pillow version: 16 in x 16 in pillow form