#277 Reversible Table Toppers comes in 4 sizes including candlemats - Snap -on extensions

$10.00 $5.00

These table toppers can be snapped backto back and keep them reversible , or can be separated thats up to you .  Another unique part of this design are the snap-on or snap-in extensions , turning your toppers into something far mor unique .  Using Terial magic , ( see our website for this product )  which is a liquid stabilizer for quilting and sewing , but we have used it to create more sculpted peices , the branches and leaves are sculpted with it so they look like real branches and leaves that have fallen off of the tree .  We used it to keep our wind stiff that comes off of the  topper , and with the winter scenes it was hard to capture in the photo but it is adorned with Swarovski crystals and is just lovely.   All of the fabrics will come with the wool felts already felted in the washer and dryer giving it the textured look and the beautiful feel , but also taking the shrinkage and retaining the colors , What does this all mean ? It's washable !   ( Hint :  I spray mine at home with a fabric protector because even though they are washable , It keeps away stains )  Check out our kits on them , Both designs come in this pattern .  You can purchase  each kit separately if you are only interested in making one , or you can order the large kit which makes both . The All the Glitters is Snow  kit comes with the Swarovski crystals .