#205 "Choolburra" jacket


#205 The Choolburra Jacket pattern -  This is an easy to follow jacket that can be shortened , we used wool felts and wool plaids ,  The front and back are in 4 sections which makes it easier to applique before sewing together .  Wool felt is not the only fabric you can use , but if it something for warmth then wool felts is better , we also give you the option to make lining that keeps it cooler  so that you can wear it in cool weather without over heating .  The pattern includes applique pattern pieces , how to instructions on the button plackets.

We have the longer zippers as well to zip up the jacket and covered the buttons with batiks  to cover the buttons , and can used covered buttons for floral centers .  

Bundling kits  available  (we wash the  wool felt  and get the shrinkage out for you so it comes ready -to-use ) Finally we trimmed the jacket with a batik and that is what we covered the buttons with   http://crawforddesignspatterns.com/t/bundle-n-save-with-kits-       

Batiks http://crawforddesignspatterns.com/t/batiks

Go to Wool felts page for color charts and yardages :http://crawforddesignspatterns.com/t/wool-felt-fabric--already-felted-and-ready-to-use

Go to zipper page  for zipper  24" and 30" http://crawforddesignspatterns.com/t/zippers