#194 Double cut out , stitch and rip jacket


#194  Double cut out stitch and rip , is vivid and has a distinct pattern because the grain of the shirt fabric causes different effects depending on the direction of the rip , and not other jacket shows that as much as this one .  The colors of the shirts are vivid for sure , but any color combination you want to use , will make it uniquely yours .

  Add wool felts for applique leaves and white flowers , a nice decorative stitch on your machine for the vines , perle cotton for french knots for flower centers . Finally a 24" zipper that in this case was sewn on with that same decorative vine stitch . 

Suggestions on picking your shirts to use ,  they need be the same size and even if you use two different brands it can only work if the two shirts fit neck to neck , shoulder to shoulder and underarm to underarm ! ( we have two brands that will work together well )

Check the bundle and save page :http://crawforddesignspatterns.com/t/bundle-n-save-wit-h-kits-

Go to T- Shirt page to pick 2 colors of the same size , and can have two same brand or mix the two brands http://crawforddesignspatterns.com/t/long-sleeved-t--shirts-for-stitch-and-rip-jacket-designs

Go to zipper page for zipper colors :http://crawforddesignspatterns.com/t/zippers

Go to wool felts page for colors and yardages :http://crawforddesignspatterns.com/t/wool-felt-fabric--already-felted-and-ready-to-use